Training Camp


Leading Yourself

  • Personal success strategies – basics
  • Personal success strategies – balancing your own resources
  • Personal success strategies and teamwork – advanced module
  • Self-management and stress management

  • Leadership and personality – leadership by example
  • Advanced seminar for high potential candidates – leading by example
  • Taking on leadership roles
  • Leadership by target agreement
  • Managing feedback discussions and annual reviews
  • Delegation and supervision
  • Leadership and strategy
Meeting Targets 

  • Leadership by agreeing on objectives
  • Systems for target agreements
  • ‘Balanced Scorecard’
Change Management

  • Introducing change mentors
  • Qualifications of a change board
  • Handling change in a constructive way

Solving problems systematically and creatively Strategic thinking and taking action
Project Management

  • Basic tools
  • Project management training – leading project teams
  • Project management training – Stabilizing your project management competencies and skills
  • Development program for project managers
Communication and Communication Techniques

  • Conflict and critical conversations
  • Moderation (of large groups)
  • Argumentation in groups
  • Discussion and communication training
  • Negotiating successfully
Team Development

  • Leading teams successfully
  • Role clarification
  • Handling conflicts within a team
Intercultural Collaboration

  • International executive development
  • Shaping intercultural collaboration
Public Performance

  • Successful performance on camera
  • Communicating through speech and rhetoric
  • Public speaking and performing
Creativity: Methods & Techniques

  • Providing support for innovation projects
  • Training modern creativity techniques
  • Creative problem-solving techniques
Media Training

  • Handling journalists
  • Speaking on TV

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